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The Unsupported Mark Pearl John’s work recently featured in this group show at the 286 Gallery, London, curated by Dr Andrew Pepper, March 2018.


The Jonathan Ross Collection:  Jonathan Ross has a small private gallery in which he shows selections from his collection of holograms and stages exhibitions by individuals and groups of artists working with holography and other light-based media.  Ross has a small collection of John’s work.


A Virtual Artist Exhibition.  An Interview with Pearl John, by Stephan Caspar, University of Southampton. November 2014. In this interview Pearl John talks about her exhibition at Special Collection Gallery, The Hartley Library, University of Southampton,  and the inspiration behind her holographic and lenticular prints and images.

Pearl John Interview on Future Worlds: https://futureworlds.com/pearl-john/

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.  Pearl John at the Royal Society: A blog entry on the show at the by Jonathan Ross, July 2012. http://jonathanrossholography.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/pearl-john-at-royal-society.html

Pearl John is a featured artist on the Holocentre website having completed a residency there in new York in 2002  The Center for the Holographic Arts (HoloCenter) is an organization dedicated to promoting and developing holographic artwork. 


Andrew Pepper is an internationally exhibited artist, published writer and educator working in the field of holography. In 1999 he became the Director of the Shearwater Foundation Holography Program which supports artists and organizations working with holography.


Art in Holography 2 This global archive brought together material from artists, writers, critics and collectors who attended two international meetings on the subject of creative holography.


Pearl John was featured on the Bowieart website from 2000-2007.   David Bowie’s art site “Bowieart” provided the art world, and general public alike, with an online resource for the best in young artistic talent” before artists had their own sites.  www.bowieart.com is no longer operational

Educator Information

SPIE Careers Advice Interview


Pearl John taught an “Introduction to Laser Technology Course” at the Columbia Career Center in Columbia Missouri. From 1998-2002

Interview with Pearl John and Frank DeFreitas on his Holotalk internet Radio show. TOPIC: Laser Technology Program at the Columbia Career Center, Columbia, Missouri. 1999-2000 Season.

Pearl John is the Public Engagement Leader in Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton. Information about the department’s activities can be found at:  www.phys.soton.ac.uk/outreach